Update: check WiFi devices for Cherry Blossom

New Cherry blossom tools collection is being published last week

The Cherry Blossom framework is used by the CIA spies to hack into Wi-Fi devices, according to Pierluigi Paganini, quoted on securityaffairs.co. Source: http://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/60095/uncategorized/cia-cherry-blossom-framework.html

It is useful to look into your current Wi-Fi devices. Our recommendation is to keep a close eye on all updates for Wi-Fi devices, mentioned or not in the list on securityaffairs.co. The list contains the confirmed vulnerable devices so far, and patch as soon as a patch is available. The time scale from public tool release to illegal use for hacking attempts can be very short. 

Also a generic advice is needed: all customers should review their patching programs for hosts, servers and network devices, be in control of the patching level (good reporting which can be used to estimate the company patch level at all times) and try to aim for the shortest interval possible between patching actions.